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Rural life in Alberta has come a long way with innovative products like welded wire livestock panels to make profits better and lifestyles easier. However, during the early years in our province, things weren’t always that way. In fact, rural life before the big cattle feeding boom in the 1950s was tough and many people had to endure some hardships.

What it was like before modern welded wire livestock fence panels

Before 1900 things were a lot different on the Canadian prairie. Whereas today you can see some modern and well-built homes that have all of the most innovative amenities, that wasn’t the case back in the 1900s. In fact, way back then homes were built crudely out of logs as courageous settlers made their home in the west.

Grain farming was one of the first crops became profitable back around the turn-of-the-century. However things weren’t always easy for those early farmers as they had to clear the land to start their enterprises. The very first tools that help to accomplish this task were not mechanized and quite often they were made up of the bits and pieces that people have brought with them from their homelands.

Professional welders in Alberta

It’s good to know that things have come a long way and welded wire livestock panels in today’s world are fashioned by our team of professional welders. Each and every one of these experts is trained and licensed to carry out the project from start to finish in an efficient and affordable professional manner.

We like to think back to those early days of Alberta and the settlers who made our life what it is today. When we consider how hard those early Albertans worked, we like to pay homage to them at Bernie Lublinkhof Welding with the kind of attention to detail you won’t find anywhere else.


During the early years many Ukrainian farmers came and built homesteads. Many of the homes they build faced south. Of course there was more room to work within this new world, but still these early settlers still often placed crops in the hallways of their home.

That kind of determination has passed itself down through generations. No matter what kind of job you give us, our expert welders are always dedicated to making sure it gets done right the first time at an affordable rate. Whether you need welded wire livestock panels or other products, we are here to help you.