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BL Welding is there to serve the oil industry with pipeline welding jobs done to perfection. We are COR Certified and that means ready to take on any job the industry has to throw our way. Of our specialties include maintenance and other small pipeline type projects but we are ready willing and able to tackle any job that you have for us.

Here’s a few different welding terms that we thought might be helpful for people looking to understand what we do.

Amperage: This is generally considered to be a measure of the electricity that’s flowing and creates the heat that you’ll need for a weld. The bridges that we fabricate come together with a number of interlocking modular deck pieces that are welded. All the work that we do whether it’s for the farm or oilfield or construction site confirms to safety specifications. Beyond that, we take great pride in making sure our fine company name continues on with every project.

Bevel: This is an angle that gets cut at the side of a piece. These bevels allow for the kind of strong welds that we are known for. All the work that we do on portable and permanent bridges is CAN/CSA 56 certified. Along with our expert knowledge of welding processes and techniques, this adherence to regulations makes sure that you can trust all of our craftsmanship on pipeline welding jobs.

Pipeline welding jobs and experience

The Butt Joint is another technique that we are quite familiar with here at Bernie Lublinkhof Welding. Just like the name implies, this type of weld has two pieces of metal butted up against each other. It doesn’t really matter what kind of project you have in mind, you can rest assured that our 20 years of experience will carry it through to completion.

The Flux cleans the surface of the weld. Right kind of flux to use is just as important as using the right kind of welding techniques and materials. It’s one of the cornerstones of our business and this attention to detail is what we pass along to each and every one of our projects and customers.

Safety is one of the other concerns. Our pipeline welding jobs in Alberta are made safer by the fact that we pay attention to every detail including the fumes that can compromise the health of our workers.