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Cattle feeding has a long history here. Over the last 20 years that we’ve been involved in welding livestock fence panels Alberta, it’s been our pleasure to be a member of this community that helped propel our province and nation forward. If you’re looking for a quote on any of the projects that you need done, why not use the convenient form on our website and will get right back to you?

Cattle Industry Welding

The real origins of the cattle industry in our province took off around the 1950s with the increase in population. Shared resources were a large part of the growth of this industry in the beginning. In the 1960s for instance, farmers decided to pool their resources because they could see that the possibilities were limitless.

That kind of community atmosphere is one that we share here at Bernie Lublinkhof Welding. Each and every project that we take on including livestock fence panels Alberta

is welded with clients in mind that we think of as members of our extended family.

Cattle feeding increased even more by the 1960s and was in full swing by that time. There were several advantages to this new way of farming and producing food for Alberta and the rest of the nation. These benefits included proper waste disposal and use of soil. This new system also helped farmers to manage their labor in a more profitable way.

Good Business

Good business is one of the cornerstones that we practice here. Our staff is highly trained and ready willing and able to work on a variety of different projects for the farm, oilfields or even construction sites. We have all the proper licensing and training and our staff is dedicated to 100% client satisfaction because most of them are our friends and neighbours.

The cattle feeding industry in Alberta has been growing steadily since the 1970s to become one of the staples of the economy in our province. The livestock fence panels Alberta we work on are a very important part of that industry.


The future of cattle feeding in Alberta depends on the ability of our farmers to be innovative and goal friendly at the same time. It’s a philosophy that we share here at Bernie Lublinkhof Welding. Our fabrication shop and trained and courteous staff feel that each and every project is more than just a pay check. We like to think of every job we work on as a contribution to the well-being of our province.