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When you see all the modern technology that goes into Alberta pipeline welding these days, you might not understand what a great history this part of our province has. If you take the time to do a little research, you will find that pipelines in Canada generally and Alberta specifically go all the way back to 1853.

When you consider the vast expanses of pipeline that skilled trades people like the staff we have here are capable of today, it might sound a little amazing that the very first route was only 25 km long. It was really nothing more than a cast-iron pipe that moved natural gas to a location in Quebec.

Historical Facts

Keep in mind that things have changed. BL Welding is one of the industry leaders in servicing oilfields today. We are proud to say that each and every member of our team is COR Certified and of course we are ready to take on any of the Alberta pipeline welding jobs that you have for us.

Here’s some more historical facts that you might not have known. The very first oil pipeline wasn’t built here out west but in Ontario way back in 1862. Of course Alberta wasn’t to be left out of the oil pipeline scene for long and in 1947 one of the longest oil pipelines in Canada was to be found in our province. At the same time there were two other pipelines that brought American oil under the border to Montreal and Ontario.

One of the things that has lasted for all these years in Alberta specifically is the pride we take in our oil pipelines. Bernie Lublinkhof Welding is a fine example of the kind of craftsmanship that everyone in the western parts of Canada take great pride in. Our staff is dedicated to 100% client satisfaction in each and every one of the projects that you order from us.

Twenty Years of Experience

It’s been that way for 20 years and one of the big reasons that we have such a great reputation. Way back in the 1950s, and abundance of oil was found out here in the western part of the country and that’s when pipelines really started to expand. Kinder Morgan Canada began operations around this time.

Remember we offer a variety of services when it comes to the finest in Alberta pipeline welding. There is no job too big or too small for our skilled teams.