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One of the associations we work closely with is The Alberta Cattle Feeders Association. They recently shared some of the agricultural concerns that we all need to be aware of in this part of the country. We thought we’d share them with you as a part of our community service.

The first half of 2016 saw 11% increase in beef exports to an amazing 58 countries around the world. However, 71% of those experts still go to the United States. That’s one of the reasons that we look at our fabrication shop and welding team has an integral part of the community we serve. Working together on important farm implements like Alberta cattle feeders only increases our chances of exporting more high quality beef to the United States and elsewhere.

Did you know that as a rule Canada exports 45% of its beef production? Another good reason for us to be exceptionally proud of the Alberta cattle feeders we helped to produce. Everything we do is designed with 100% client satisfaction in mind. It’s important to us to do the job right the first time and to make sure each and every weld we do on a job will last for a lifetime.

Industry Trends

The Alberta Cattle Feeders Association is always on top of any of the latest industry trends and that’s why they put together a list of the things that people in the industry should watch out for 2017. It’s the same attention to detail that we use when we are welding Alberta cattle feeders for the people in the industry.

Trade implications with the new administration in the White House is one of the top priorities. Bill 6 is of course one of the hot button topics in this part of the country and some people in the industry think it can get as hot as one of our welds!

Working together with our community has always been one of the top priorities for Bernie Lublinkhof Welding. We’ve been in the business for the last 20 years and have formed excellent relationships with the community and the farming families that live in it.

Our fabrication shop and labor force are some of the best in the industry and we are always ready willing and able to serve our friends in the farming community all across our province.